About Universal Mercy

One of the greatest challenges that Muslim youth are facing in the United States is developing confidence in their faith. Recent research studies by Pew Research Center have shown that an alarming number of Muslim youth struggle with their faith. One of the greatest contributing factors to this is that they are not provided with a nurturing environment in which they can flourish both spiritually and academically.

With this concern, a group of brothers and sisters got together to try to form the first full-time Islamic school in the Richmond area. Insha Allah, we hope to be able to provide an environment where our youth can develop confidence in their faith, build character, and excel in all aspects of their education, thereafter becoming positive role models in society and the leaders of tomorrow.


Our school offers the following services

Islamic Education

Toys and Games

Quality Academic Education

Love and Care

Character Development

Physical Activity


If you want to get more information about our school or you have any questions,

please feel free to contact us.